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Dust Extraction

For all woodworkers, a good dust extraction system is essential. Dust can cause serious damage to health as well as reducing the effectiveness of your machine, or even causing damage to it.
Record Power offer a large range of dust extraction machines and accessories, catering for all workshop extraction needs.

CamVac High-Filtration Dust Extractors
CamVac High-Filtration Dust Extractors

Made by Record Power in the UK at our in-house manufacturing facility.

Bayonet Inlet Design
Bayonet Inlet Design

All CamVac machines now feature new and improved bayonet-style inlet fittings.

Air Filters

For the removal of fine airborne dust.

High Filtration Dust Extractors

HPLV (high pressure low volume) dust extractors. Extremely versatile, these are the workhorses of many workshops.