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New Record Power Drilling Machines Now in Stock

13th April 2012

A good quality, dedicated drilling machine is an indispensable tool in any workshop. The DP16B and DP25B bring this versatility, along with traditional Record Power build quality and reliability, within easy reach of the home woodworker and discerning DIY enthusiast.

These new machines are packed with features. The range of speeds allows a variety of materials to be cut, including wood, metal and various plastic without scorching or burning. Both machines accept the Record Power drill press vices of all sizes and both also feature tilting tables to increase their flexibility of use.

A real boon of the larger machine, the DP25B, is the rack and pinion table rise and fall, a feature usually found on machines at much higher prices.

Full details on both machines can be found here.

For details of your nearest stockist please contact Record Power or buy online from the Record Power website.

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