New Product - WG250 Wet Stone Sharpener

23rd July 2012


A wet stone sharpening system with a range of high quality jigs and accessories is essential for many woodworkers and is also an extremely useful tool for general household tasks, such as the sharpening of knives, gardening tools and many other items. The new WG250 Wet Stone Sharpener from Record Power is the result of research carried out with a number of renowned turners and woodworkers who looked at the other machines on the market and advised what they thought was needed to improve on what was available. There are a number of features that make this machine stand out from the competition - some small but significant details as well as some major points of difference to most of its rivals.
The WG250 comes complete with a generous number of essential accessories, including a straight-edge jig (ideal for plane blades and chisels), a stone grader, 12 mm diameter support arm, honing compound, angle finder (to determine the original angles of blades) and an angle setting gauge to ensure accurate application of the tool to the stone. In addition, a wide range of jigs are available to enable the sharpening of a large range of tools in the workshop and home.
The WG250 is currently available from only £279.99 and with the optional jigs starting at just £9.99, this complete sharpening system is extremely good value for money, particularly considering the excellent free 5 year guarantee offered.
Full details can be found here, from your nearest Record Power dealership and by calling Record Power on 01246 561 520.

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