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71550 RSBG8 8" Bench Grinder with 40mm Whitestone (With UK Plug)

71550 RSBG8 8

The Record Power RSBG8 Bench Grinder has a long-established reputation for robustness and reliability, making it the perfect choice for the home workshop. This new and upgraded machine has an industrial-inspired design with a heavy-duty motor and offers improved power, stability and performance.

It features fully adjustable tool rests with solid locking mechanisms to give optimum support. The cast iron base and sturdy body reduce vibration to give the smooth operation that is essential for successful and accurate sharpening. Rubber feet also dampen vibration whilst ensuring the grinder does not move during use. The wide body of the machine further increases stability and minimises the load on the bearings for increased life.

The 40 mm white stone is ideal for giving a fine finish, particularly to HSS turning tools, while the more coarse grey stone is perfect for rougher grinding and shaping. In addition, the spark guard of the white wheel features a magnifying lens to aid fine sharpening.

The build quality and reliability of this grinder is significantly higher than some of the more common and cheaper machines which generally have lower powered motors and are substantially lighter. Record Power grinders are designed to give many years of service and replacement stones are readily available should the original ones become worn out, a sure sign of the robustness of these machines.

Spark Guards Included

Spark Guards Included

 The adjustable spark guards provide excellent protection.

Integral Tool Rests

Integral Tool Rests

The tool rests offer excellent support for the grinding of a wide variety of items.

Record Power RSBG6 6
Record Power RSBG6 6" and RSBG8 8" Grinders

Adjustable Spark Guards: Adjustable Spark Guards

Tool Rests: Tool Rests

Stone Diameters: 200 mm (8")

Fine Stone Width: 40 mm

Coarse Stone Width: 25 mm

Motor input: 0.55 kW

Motor output: 0.39 kW

Speed: 2850 rpm / 30 m/second

Weight: 17 kg

RSBG6 & RSBG8 Bench Grinder Manual 3.4

PDF reader required

71550 RSBG8 8
Adjustable Spark Guards
Adjustable Spark Guards
Tool Rests
Tool Rests
Stone Diameters
200 mm (8")
Fine Stone Width
40 mm
Coarse Stone Width
25 mm
Motor input
0.55 kW
Motor output
0.39 kW
2850 rpm / 30 m/second
17 kg