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TS250C 10" Cast Iron Cabinet Makers Saw with Sliding Beam
TS250C 10

Right Hand Extension: Right Hand Extension

Wheel Kit: Wheel Kit

Squaring Frame: Squaring Frame

Scoring Blade: Scoring Blade

Sliding Beam: Sliding Beam

Blade Tilt up to 45º: Blade Tilt up to 45º

Scoring Blade: Scoring Blade

Cast Iron Table: Cast Iron Table

Cast Iron Fence Mount: Cast Iron Fence Mount

Cam Lock Fence: Cam Lock Fence

Fence Micro-Adjustment: Fence Micro-Adjustment

Cast Iron Saw Unit: Cast Iron Saw Unit

Maximum Blade Size: 250 mm

Scoring Blade Size: n/a

Blade Bore: 30 mm

Scoring Blade Bore: n/a

Blade Speed: 4000 rpm

Maximum Rip Capacity: 305 mm

Maximum Rip with Right Hand Extension: 610 mm

Sliding Carriage Stroke: 620 mm

Blade Tilt: 0 - 45

Maximum Depth of Cut at 90º: 80 mm

Maximum Depth of Cut 45º: 56 mm

Table Height from Floor: 890 mm

Motor: 2 hp

Weight: 110 kg

Size: H1090 x W1100 x D1100 mm

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Possible Use of a Dado Cutter

Will my table saw take a stack dado head cutter?

It is illegal to use a dado cutter on table saws in the UK as this involves removal of the crown guard and riving knife. We strongly suggest for your own safety that you do not attempt to do this.