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WG250 10" Wet Stone Sharpening System
WG250 10

Support Arm Extension: Support Arm Extension

Profiled Leather Strop Wheel: Profiled Leather Strop Wheel

Machine Cover: Machine Cover

Variable Speed: Variable Speed

Adjustable Torque: Adjustable Torque

Leather Honing Wheel: Leather Honing Wheel

Drip Guard: Drip Guard

Integral Storage Tray: Integral Storage Tray

Stone Size: 250 x 50 mm

Honing Wheel Size: 230 x 30 mm

Speeds: 90 - 150 rpm / 0.4 - 0.7 M/second

Motor: 160 W

Motor input P1: 0.16 kW

Motor output P2: 0.12 kW

Weight: 16 kg

Size: H320 x W470 x D285 mm