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502E/UK3 18" Trade Bandsaw Three Phase
502E/UK3 18

Pedal Wheel Kit: Pedal Wheel Kit

Jockey Bar Wheel Kit: Jockey Bar Wheel Kit

Tilting Table: Tilting Table

Integral Legstand: Integral Legstand

Integral Standard Wheel Kit: Integral Standard Wheel Kit

Cast Iron Table: Cast Iron Table

Cast Iron Band Wheels: Cast Iron Band Wheels

Mitre Fence Included: Mitre Fence Included

Cam-Action Tensioner: Cam-Action Tensioner

Two Speeds: Two Speeds

Maximum Depth of Cut: 335 mm

Throat Depth: 465 mm

Table Size: 635 x 485 mm

Table Height from Floor: 950 mm

Motor Power: 2.5 hp

Blade Length: 150"

Blade Width Capacity: 6 - 30 mm

Blade Speed: 1000 M / minute

Extraction Port Diameter: 100 mm

Weight: 200 kg

Size: W990 x D680 x H1970 mm

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Best Bandsaw Blade for Ripping 5" Dry Ash

Can anyone suggest the ideal bandsaw blade? I'm ripping 5 inch dry ash using the old version of the Startrite 352.

For ripping we recommend the widest blade possible which on the 352 is 3/4". And for deep cutting such as yours we recommend as coarse a blade as possible - say a 3 skip.

If your machine was made before 2003 it will most likely be a 352S model which uses blades of 112" length. We would therefore recommend the BB1123403 - from our own range.

But whichever make of blade you go for we would plump for 3/4" wide and as coarse as you can get.