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DML305 Cast Iron 6 Speed Midi Lathe
DML305 Cast Iron 6 Speed Midi Lathe

Swivel Headstock: Swivel Headstock

Outboard Turning: Outboard Turning

Cast Iron Bed: Cast Iron Bed

Solid Steel Bed Bars: Solid Steel Bed Bars

Integral Legstand: Integral Legstand

Extendable Bed Length: Extendable Bed Length

Bench Mountable: Bench Mountable

Spindle Lock: Spindle Lock

Electronic Variable Speed: Electronic Variable Speed

Bowl Rest: Bowl Rest

Legstand: Legstand

Variable Speed Upgrade: Variable Speed Upgrade

Bed Extension: Bed Extension

Maximum bowl diameter: 305 mm (12")

Maximum between centres: 393 mm (15")

Maximum swing over bed: 305 mm (12")

Spindle speeds: 350, 670, 1025, 1500, 2225 & 3250 rpm

Motor: 1/2 hp

Thread: 3/4" x 16 TPI

Taper: 1 Morse Taper

Weight: 39 kg

Size: W870 x D200 x H455 mm


Size with DML305/A Adjustable Lathe Stand:

Size with DML305/E Bed Extension:

Troubleshooting Guide


Possible Cause
Motor will not start
Machine not plugged in
Plug the machine in
Low voltage
Check power supply to machine
Loose connection
Check all external connections

Motor overheats
Motor overloaded
Reduce load on motor
Air flow restricted on motor
Clean out motor to obtain normal air flow

Excessive motor noise
Faulty motor
Have motor checked
Pulley set screw loose
Tighten set screw

Motor will not develop full power or stalls
Circuit overloaded with lights or other tools
Decrease the load on the circuit
Circuit too long or undersized wires
Reduce the length of the wire or use a suitable diameter cable
Voltage too low
Have the voltage checked by an electrican

Circuit breakers do not have sufficient capacity
Have a licensed electrician install correct
size breaker
Drive belt tension too high
Adjust belt tension
Use of extension cord
Use heavier guage extension cord or no
extension cord

Machine bogs down during cutting
Excessive depth of cut
Decrease depth of cut
Turning tools are blunt
Sharpen turning tools


Knowledge Base Articles
Knowledge Base Links
Spiralling on Spindles

I am having trouble with spiralling on spindles, and I was wondering if the problem bay be wear on the lathe headstock bearings?

The most likely cause of spiraling is that your centres are out of alignment. You should also check that your turning tools are sharp and your lathe speed is correct.