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DMS/26 Cast Iron Adjustable Drill Stand
DMS/26 Cast Iron Adjustable Drill Stand

Morticing Attachment: Morticing Attachment

Rotation for Unlimited Capacity: Rotation for Unlimited Capacity

Headstock Adjustable for Wear: Headstock Adjustable for Wear

Stroke: 73 mm

Throat Depth: 127 mm

Holding Collar: 43 mm

Weight: 17.4 kg

Size: H730 x W260 x D380 mm

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Using WR101M on older DMS/26 models

I have an older model DMS/26 drillstand (painted blue instead of green).
Will the WR101M mortice attachment fit my stand?
Can I use a keyless chuck drill�in the WR101M mortice attachment or will I have to change it for a keyed Jakobs chuck?

The WRM101M will fit all DMS26 drill stands. However the WRM101M is not compatible with keyless chucks so you would need to change over to a keyed chuck.