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DML36SH-CAM Swivel Head 4 Speed Intermediate Lathe
DML36SH-CAM Swivel Head 4 Speed Intermediate Lathe

Swivel Headstock: Swivel Headstock

Outboard Turning: Outboard Turning

Cast Iron Bed: Cast Iron Bed

Solid Steel Bed Bars: Solid Steel Bed Bars

Integral Legstand: Integral Legstand

Extendable Bed Length: Extendable Bed Length

Bench Mountable: Bench Mountable

Spindle Lock: Spindle Lock

Electronic Variable Speed: Electronic Variable Speed

Bowl Rest: Bowl Rest

Legstand: Legstand

Variable Speed Upgrade: Variable Speed Upgrade

Bed Extension: Bed Extension

Maximum bowl diameter: 305 mm (12")

Maximum between centres: 914 mm (36")

Maximum swing over bed: 230 mm (9")

Spindle speeds: 450, 950, 1500 & 2000 rpm

Motor: 1/3 hp

Thread: 3/4" x 16 TPI

Taper: 1 Morse Taper

Weight: 41 kg

Size: H336 x W1537 x D305 mm

Knowledge Base Articles
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Changing the drive belt on a DML lathe

I have a DML36SH lathe and I want to change the belt, are any specialist tools required? Is it a matter of just undoing the allen key on the head stock and pulling the spindle through from the other end, or will I have to give it a tap with a hammer? As I imagine it will be a tight fit.

No specialist tools are required to carry out the procedure you will need:
>Solid brass rod 1/2" dia. (drift)
>Set of metric allen keys

The bearings and spindle are a pressure fit in the casting, and to remove them you are required to drive them out from the back through the front of the headstock using a drift.
Please remember to remove the socket head cap screw and washer on the back end of the shaft, take out the first grub screw in the spindle pulley and loosen the lower grub screw, before you proceed. The pulley should now float freely on the shaft. The spindle can now be removed through the front of the headstock. Using the brass rod and mallet drive the spindle from the back end of the headstock towards the front, once the spindle has been released from the back bearing this allows the drive belt to be changed.
After the belt has been changed reverse the procedure to re-assemble the headstock, but ensure that when driving the spindle back in from the front , the thread protector is fitted. As the spindle is being driven in, it must rotated by hand at each strike of the mallet, this prevents the spindle and bearing being damaged and 'flatted'. As the spindle seats in the back bearing you will hear a tone change in the casting.
If in doubt please refer to your instruction manual which details the belt change procedure.


DML 4 speed upgrade

Can the 4 speed pulley upgrade kit be fitted to the early version of the DML lathe i.e the model finished in blue paintwork?

Yes, the DML 4 speed upgrade is suitable to all variants of the the 3 speed DML lathe.

DML24X & DML36-CAM Lathe bearings

My Record DML24X wood lathe has given me good service but I am unsure about lubricating the head stock bearing. Is this a "sealed for life" bearing or is there some way to lubricate it?

Please be advised that the bearings in the DML range of lathes are 'sealed for life' and do not require lubrication. If it becomes necessary, replacements are inexpensive and simple to replace

DML36SH-CAM tailstock drive centre

Is the tailstock centre on the DML36SH-CAM revolving or fixed?

The DML36SH-CAM has a fixed centre on the tailstock, but a revolving tailstock can be fitted as an upgrade. The product numbers for the upgrade tailstock centres are CWA100, which is a heavy duty revolving centre and CWA93, a standard revolving centre.

Refurbishment and Service

My Record Power woodturning lathe has parts missing or is broken and is in a generally poor condition needing some TLC. Can Record Power re-furbish and service this machine?

Depending on the parts required it is possible for the lathe to be uplifted back to Record Power. Where necessary work and  refurbishment can be carried out by our service team. The cost will obviously vary depending on the individual condition of the lathe, please contact us for further details of this service.

Spiralling on Spindles

I am having trouble with spiralling on spindles, and I was wondering if the problem bay be wear on the lathe headstock bearings?

The most likely cause of spiraling is that your centres are out of alignment. You should also check that your turning tools are sharp and your lathe speed is correct.